Multimedia expert

We’re looking for a multimedia expert for our new institute. We look for a part-time position. The tasks include generating impactful visuals such as images and videos from scientific microscopy content of our lab. We envision that our multimedia artist uses her/his creative skills to create new and impactful visuals from our vast amount of imaging materials. We also expect inputs for our communication documents with the external world by improving their design and content.

Your profile:

  • Expert knowledge in photo and video editing, preferentially with Adobe programs
  • Artistic vision to generate creative images and videos
  • Understanding of common research
  • Excellent communication skills with scientists and collaborators
  • Excellent knowledge in the use of social media

Position in Light-sheet microscopy (Postdoc/Staff Scientist)

We’re looking for a PhD or Staff Scientist with experience in light-sheet microscopy. Click here to see what we’re looking for.

Postdoc Position in Organoid Technology

We’re looking for a new Postdoc with experience in Organoids. Click here to see what we’re looking for.

Master’s thesis project in Tissue Vascularisation

We’re looking for a Biology Master’s candidate to help with a bio-printing project. Click here to see what we’re looking for.

Position in AI (Experienced postdoc or staff scientist)

We are interested in hiring a computer scientist with extensive experience in deep learning to lead and guide some of our machine learning projects.

Please email your application to and

iTERM is growing rapidly and to further strengthen the setup of our young institute we are looking for a highly motivated individuals. We care about diversity, and welcome applications from any background.