We develop technologies to solve some of the major bottlenecks around science. Our general approach to science is to combine biomedical research with artificial intelligence (AI), and nanotechnology. We also use engineering to develop tools to implement our technologies directly in the medical system. 

Three major research area in our institute are: 


  • Studying the role of skull-meninges connections we recently found (Cai…Ertürk, 2019, Nature Neuroscience)
  • Mapping the human brain using SHANEL transparency that we developed (Zhao…Ertürk, 2020, Cell)
  • Vascular details of the pathological brain in stroke and dementia (Todorov…Ertürk, 2020, Nature Methods, in press)


Implementing DeepMACT method we developed to develop better cancer treatments (Pan…Ertürk, Cell, 2019)

Tissue Engineering

Generating large-scale human tissue and organs using 3D-bioprinting technologies based on the cellular maps we can generate using our DISCO and SHANEL clearing technologies